It's Valentine's Day and things are about to get a bit hot and steamy in the Frigays studio as a mystery person joins Daniel and Ben to read them two sizzling stories about what really goes on behind closed doors on Ramsay Street...

Who's getting Amy all hot and bothered under the cover of darkness and just who is Dipi taking a scandalous dip with in the hot tub?

Be warned, those of a sensitive nature, like Ben, should switch-off now...but where's the fun in that eh?


  • 1st story by Benjamina Martinez
  • 2nd story by Liz Anya

In the latest episode of Frigays, Daniel and Ben take a look at the week that saw Fay demonstrate again why she's not in the running for 'Mother of the year', Toadie make a questionable breakfast choice and Steph deliver a lesson on how cheats do prosper.

Also this week, Daniel shocks Ben with an explicit recording and Ben reveals his lycra fashion choices from the 90s.


In the latest episode of Frigays, Daniel and Ben celebrate Australia Day by mulling over the week of 'Neighbours' that saw Dipi give us her best impression of a penguin, Sheila and Clive reminisce about their one-date long-term relationship and an enemy of Doctor Who makes a surprising cameo.

Also, the Frigays answerphone has another caller. Ben puts his geography GCSE to the test and Daniel 'sexplains' why he's all sexed-out!


In the first Frigays episode of 2018, Daniel and Ben are spat out of the 'Erinsborough Christmas Time Vortex' to discuss Toadie and Sonya's 'Carry On Cruising' sexploits, baby Gabe's bid for freedom and Amy's next big mistake.

Also, the Frigays answerphone receives its first message, Ben tries to stalk Mark Brennan and the Frigays spirit animal is back with a bang!

However, the podcast takes a shocking turn when...stop the presses, hold the front page, alert the world's media...Daniel pays someone a compliment. But who? There's only one way to find out...

December 19, 2017



In this bonus episode of Frigays, Daniel surprises Ben with a trip to Turkey to watch 'Komşular' - the Turkish version of 'Neighbours'.

In the first episode of this Turkish delight, Fake Sheila is brought to her knees by hungry children wanting bread, Fake Lou is on the prowl and Fake Mark has a spider down his pants! But whilst everyone might look different, some things never change - the whole world revolves around Fake Paige.


It's the 'Dee-lightful' 2017 Neighbours season finale and Daniel and Ben gatecrash the vow renewal (try saying that quickly!) of the year to celebrate the final two episodes of the year that saw a miraculous recovery, a giant baby steal a car and the return of everyone's favourite doppelgänger; or is she the real 'Dee-al' this time?

Also, Daniel and Ben launch their Christmas appeal, Ben meets Ben at the Backlane Bar and Frigays ends 2017 with a bang...(our apologies to those of a sensitive nature)

Credit to Ben Bone (@Spiceyben) on twitter for his contribution. Also @jonnyro5 for their tweet.


It's nearing season finale time on Neighbours and Frigays's Daniel and Ben jump into the 'Erinsborough Christmas Time Vortex' to discuss the first three action-packed episodes of the week that saw royalty grace the street, the Willis and Cannings go on a fun family outing to court and Sheila reveal the time she encountered an unwanted wiener.

Also, Daniel asks, "Is a disgraced ex-priest the right form of treatment for agoraphobia and aquaphobia?" and Ben warms up his vocal chords for another special performance...


In the latest episode of 'Frigays' Christmas has officially arrived and whilst Ben prepares to deck the halls with holly, Daniel is doing his best impression of the Grinch whilst his body is ravaged by man-flu - but it's only 70% man-flu, so just like Terese's cancer it'll be forgotten by the end of the podcast.

Also, Daniel sentences half of Ramsay Street to a life behind bars in his crime spree report, Ben announces who's climbing onto Mark's high horse and the 'Predictability Project' is launched!


In this episode of Frigays, Daniel and Ben continue to discuss the best whodunnit on Neighbours since someone knocked over the bookshelf at the backpackers - 'Who killed Hamish?' As the list of suspects continues to grow, Ben does his best Hercule Poirot impression and points the finger at a rabid dog and a party girl with a bad habit. Meanwhile, Daniel's been busy checking out hotel rooms in Paris and has a shocking accusation to make...


There's been a murder in Erinsborough! In this special bonus episode of Frigays, whilst Daniel pops on his very best dancing shoes in celebration to dance on Hamish's grave, Ben runs through the long list of suspects in the frame for Ramsay Street's latest whodunnit. Will it be the obvious guest character, or will an unlikely (but freakishly giant) killer be unmasked?

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