Fresh (or not so fresh) from having one too many beers at the Erinsborough Festival 2018, Daniel and Ben stumble into the studio to dissect the week that saw animal cruelty used as a plot device to test Cassius' eligibility for dating; Terese usurp Sonya as the town's go-to-drunk for alcoholism advice; and Chloe reveal the secret to a successful relationship - laughs, money and big hands.

Also, Daniel and Ben play a dangerous game of 'Snog, Marry, Avoid', Daniel reveals who's taller - him or Joe Davidson (*Cassius), and Ben regrettably launches a special competition involving Cassius look-a-likes and an on-air podcast wedding!

*Warning Strong themes of Cassius adoration runs throughout this podcast.


In this bumper edition of Frigays, Daniel and Ben pick apart the week that saw mean-girl and fish-bat hybrid fan Freya make an unwelcome return; a new hunk arrive on the street to tend to Sheila's bush(es); and Susan and Elly take exposition to new heights with the entire life history of Bea and Liz re-told in less time than it took for Xanthe to come down from her ADHD high.

Also, Daniel has some (terrifying) surprises in store for Ben's birthday, the Frigays' WhatsApp number is ringing off the hook and find out what the definition of two weeks is according to the Frigays' spirit animal, Elly.


In this special episode of Frigays, Daniel forces Ben to sit down and watch one of the most traumatic episodes in Neighbours' history as the Ramsay Street regulars face an anxious wait to see if Karl will survive his camping trip nightmare. Has the worst happened?

Also, Brandon leaves Daniel and Ben speechless and Steph and Sonya leave the guys speechless for another reason - do they even care about Karl?!


Frigays' Daniel and Ben are lost in the bush this week, but unlike Susan and Kirsha, they are suitably prepared for the occasion - Elly style! With light fading fast, the pair settle down to pull apart Monday's and Thursday's episodes that saw a condom wrapper make a bid to be crowned 'Best supporting actor'; Erinsborough High open its doors to all and sundry; and Kirsha channel her inner 'Skippy'.

Also this week, Daniel questions if Erinsborough has moved to the 'upside-down world' and Ben has ANOTHER prawn to throw on the 'Predictability Project' barbie.


In the latest instalment of Frigays Daniel and Ben are still on a Julie Mullins high but are soon brought back down to earth by the week of Neighbours that saw continuity come to Ramsay Street with the residents doing some remembering; a poltergeist take hold of no.22; and Jane’s big secret revealed to be a box of stamps (no joke, this happened).

Also, Daniel gets out his spade and digs himself the deepest of holes (hopefully you’re still listening Matt Wilson) and Ben has something to add to the ever growing ‘Predictability Project’.

Last but not least, the Frigays WhatsApp number is launched! Send your comments and voice messages to 07719 022 907!


In this very special episode of Frigays, Daniel and Ben chat to actor, singer and writer Julie Mullins, best known to Neighbours fans as legend, Julie Martin. 

Julie tells all about her upcoming cabaret show, her return from the dead in the 'Neighbours v Time Travel' webisode and goes on a trip down memory lane as she discusses the high and lows of her time on Ramsay Street.

Also, Ben reveals how Julie helped him to get an A* for his GCSE drama project and Julie shares her memories of the scandal that rocked the UK...


Julie's show, 'All the girls you are!' is on at the Pheasantry in Chelsea on Monday 30th April and Tuesday 1st May. For more information and for tickets visit: www.pizzaexpresslive.com/whats-on/julie-mullins-all-the-girls-you-are


Julie Mullins 'All The Girls You Are!' | Live Jazz Music ...


Australian Artist Julie Mullins, best known for her role in television’s Neighbours, presents her new show celebrating the many girls inside every woman.



In the latest instalment of Frigays, Daniel and Ben look back on the week of Neighbours that saw an 80's legend return to the street to drop a few name bombs, Toadie and Sonya embark on a mission to sink the 'love boat' and child exploitation come to Erinsborough.

Also, Daniel asks if DVT is catching and Ben reveals the scandalous truth about Plain Jane Superbrain...


This week Frigays' Daniel and Ben join Leo Tanaka on the banks of the River Thames to reflect on a week of Neighbours that saw Amy & Elly's lovechild arrive on the street; Paige hit the road (with) Jack; and Emmerdale's Trisha come back from the dead.

Also, Ben has a new theory for the 'Predictability Project' and Daniel has some shocking news about the backpackers...


Frigays is back with a bang and ready to pull apart a week that saw Izzy put half of Ramsay Street in their place; Piper sit in a chair and Gary dish out his 'samples' to the women of Erinsborough.

Also, Daniel celebrates another 'Predictability Project' success, Ben shares a crack-pot theory on what's next for Piper and find out which of the Frigays duo once had plum-coloured hair and shared a bunk bed with a machete wielding sex maniac.

Plus, there is a new gym teacher extra who thinks Ben should reach out to...



It's Valentine's Day and things are about to get a bit hot and steamy in the Frigays studio as a mystery person joins Daniel and Ben to read them two sizzling stories about what really goes on behind closed doors on Ramsay Street...

Who's getting Amy all hot and bothered under the cover of darkness and just who is Dipi taking a scandalous dip with in the hot tub?

Be warned, those of a sensitive nature, like Ben, should switch-off now...but where's the fun in that eh?


  • 1st story by Benjamina Martinez
  • 2nd story by Liz Anya

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